About Us

At Maple Syrup Direct we love Maple Syrup! whether its on our pancakes, in our coffee, cereal , or even when we cook with it. Each spring between the months of February through to April sugar shack’s come alive and start to produce this 100% natural product from the sap of sugar maple trees. Maple syrup is only produced from a small area within the north eastern part of North America where production is an annual tradition for many.

At Maple Syrup Direct we are able to supply 100% natural, authentic maple syrup brought to you by Canadian producers throughout the year. When you buy online from MapleSyrup Direct we will never supply anything that isn’t 100% natural maple syrup. So if your looking for authentic, real maple syrup, maple sugar or any other maple product come toMaple Syrup Direct and we will be happy to deliver.

Maple Syrup Nutrition

Canadian maple syrup has reached “Superfood” status, rich in minerals and lower in calories than sugar not only can it please a sweet tooth but it can help as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Scientists from the University of Rhode Island through their research have shown that Canadian maple syrup

has many other similar health benefits to other “Superfoods” such as berries. Researchers found maple syrup has 54 individual compounds, with 5 unique compounds only found inmaple syrup. Many of these compounds are believed to have antioxidant properties and may stave off cancer and act as anti-inflammatory agents.

Quebecol: A new polyphenol specific to maple

Among 5 new compounds discovered by researchers one is unique to maple and has been titled Quebecol (aptly named after the Canadian province of Quebec). This compound is only created when maple sap is boiled down into maple syrup.

Healthier Sugar

It is also known that “Whole food” which are unprocessed are healthier, pure 100% natural maple syrup is a natural, product that is not refined unlike many other sweetening agents.

Lower calorie sweetener

Compared to other sweetener’s such as white sugar and honey, Maple syrup has fewer calories per serving.

With 202 calories per 1/4 cup, it is a healthier alternative to corn syrup which has 246n calories and honey which has 260 calories. Compared to refined processed white sugarmaple syrup is also easier for the body to digest and metabolise.

Rich in Minerals

Maple syrup is rich in minerals: i just 1/4 of a cup maple syrup will provide your with 100% of your daily recommended amount of Manganese, an important mineral that acts as an antioxidant and helps in the development of bones.

1/4 of a cup also provides 37% of your daily Riboflavin, 18% of your daily Zinc, 7% of your daily Magnesium and 5% of both Calcium and Potassium.