Shipping Policy

Once you buy online with Maple Syrup Direct, our system estimates the shipping charges and expected delivery dates based on your chosen shipping options, product weight and of course final delivery destination.

At Maple Syrup Direct we work hard to achieve the best possible shipping prices and work hand in hand with most of the major shipping providers. It should be noted however that once your maple syrup or maple products have been selected, packed and received by USPS, Canada Post, UPS, Fedex or customs, we cannot be held responsible for possible delays after the package has left the control of Maple Syrup Direct.

Now Shipping Across the Globe!

Maple Syrup Direct will ship your favourite Maple syrups, Maple sugars, Maple Candies and many other maple products directly to your door – wherever you are in the world! Buymaple syrup online from Maple Syrup Direct and we will deliver!

When you buy maple syrup online from Maple Syrup Direct, we will carefully package your products for shipping in order to make sure they arrive in perfect condition. Our fast shipping service also means that we will pack all your maple products on the same day that you place your order with us.

We recommend that if you are an overseas customer looking to buy online, then in order to reduce shipping costs, you should look to purchase multipacks and multiple mapleproducts, which we can package together. Maple Syrup Direct stocks multipack options for all of your favourite maple syrups alongside other maple products. By purchasing online multipacks and multiple maple products, customers can reduce individual product shipping costs substantially.

Packaging Our Products

Maple Syrup Direct uses biodegradable and reusable packaging whenever it can. Maple Syrup Direct takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and recommends that all our customers should recycle their left over packaging where possible.

Product Delivery

Customers should note that although Maple Syrup Direct tries its hardest to provide online up to date photos of its maple syrup and maple products, in some circumstances products delivered may vary slightly from those images shown or bought online. In addition, gift package contents can vary from time to time unless contents are specified.

100% Natural & Authentic

Maple Syrup Direct aims to provide only the best, 100% natural Maple Syrup, Maple Sugar, Maple Butter, Maple Cream, Maple Candy, Organic Maple Syrup, and Maple gifts straight to your door! We will never supply cheap imitations or maple flavoured “Pancake Syrups” to our online customers.

Maple Syrup Direct – Maple Syrup Grade

At Maple Syrup Direct all our maple syrup grades are set by industry standards.