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Pears with Maple Syrup Cream


1 large tin of pears

4 tablespoons  of pure maple syrup

Juice of half a lemon

4 tablespoons of sweet white wine

1/2 pint of thick cream or crème fraiche

The lower half of a sponge sandwich

Chocolate grains

1 tablespoon minced, roasted almonds


Sprinkle the sponge round with the wine and spread it with half of the maple syrup.

Arrange the pears wheel-wise on the maple syrup.

Whip the rest of the maple syrup with the lemon juice and then with the cream, and with it coat the pears.

Scatter with chocolate grains and minced roasted almonds.


Bake the pears, turning them every 15 minutes and coating them with the butter and maple syrup until they are tender and caramelized for an hour for a deeper, slightly more complicated pudding.