250g Maple Butter /maple cream

Maple Butter / Maple Cream 250 g / 8.45 fl. oz

Maple butter or maple cream: Fresh from Maple Syrup Direct use it as a cake filling or simply enjoyed by itself on toast; there is nothing better.

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Product Description

Maple Syrup Direct maple butter / maple cream, Although not really butter or cream its great for pâte feuilletée. But it is butter in the sense that it is very, very, very good on toast.

This maple butter / maple cream is made from maple syrup and nothing else!  Sometimes referred to as maple cream, its made by heating maple syrup and then whipping vigorously as it starts to cool down. As it cools the syrup crystalizes and then starts to thicken up until it becomes a spreadable texture similar to creamed honey or even soft butter. There is nothing like this great maple butter / maple cream spread on your toast. If you have never tried maple butter / cream then this is something to be savoured.

A healthier sweet delight:

Maple butter / cream is a great source of calcium, manganese, potassium and magnesium and just like any other plant based product is full of natural antioxidants which can help prevent against cancer, slow down the signs of ageing, and boost the bodies natural immune defences. Its also shown to have healthy glycemic qualities.

Why not try maple butter / maple cream as a cake filling or simply on its own, if you haven’t tried it your missing out.


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