Maple syrup in a 1 litre sq can

Maple Syrup Tin 1 litre (33.81 fl.oz)

100% Pure Maple Syrup in a square 1 litre decorative tin

Our Grade A Very Dark Syrup is graded under the new grading system (Previously “Commercial Grade” (USA) or “No 3 Dark” Canada)

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Product Description

100% Pure Maple Syrup in a square decorative 1 litre tin

All Maple Syrup Direct’s maple syrup’s, are 100% natural and made from maple sap, simply boiled down to concentrate the sugar content.

Use as a substitute for sugar

Why not try maple syrup as a healthier option to replace other refined and processed sweeteners like white cane sugar. Unlike most sweeteners maple syrup is less processed and packed with 54 compounds that could be beneficial.

Pure Canadian maple syrup is produced from the natural sap of sugar maple trees at the start of the sugar season (spring). The only processing is the boiling that takes place to produce a syrup from the watery sap through concentrating the sugar.

Unlike processed cane sugar (made from sugar cane or sugar beets), which is heavily processed mixed in hot water and boiled before being mashed with chemicals then added at each individual stage of the process. Maple syrup contains manganese, calcium, Vitamin B2, Niacin, zinc, with some compounds found specifically in maple syrup alone.

It also has less calories per spoonful than sugar and has a better glycemic count.

How To Replace Sugar With Maple Syrup 

Generally speaking you can replace white sugar with maple syrup by adding just 3/4 of the same amount you would normally use, however remember that maple syrup is also more liquid than other sweeteners and therefore you will need to reduce the water content in recipes.

Use Real Maple Syrup
Always read the label and make sure you buy maple syrup labelled as “Maple Syrup” some cheap imitations brands label their syrups as “Pancake Syrups” and are generally just corn syrups flavoured to taste like maple syrup. We only stock 100% pure natural products.

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